Astronomy and Full Moon Walk - Circle Z Ranch

Guided Astronomy
Southeast Arizona is renowned for its dark skies and correspondingly
amazing celestial shows. Join Astronomer and Naturalist Vincent Pinto for
an exploration of the night sky after dinner on Thursday night. You can
come for some or all of the approximately 45-minute program, as Vincent
walks you through the mysteries of visible night sky objects and beyond.
Using a laser pointer, telescope, and ancient myths he will guide you
through planets, constellations, stars, and deep sky objects such as other
galaxies. You’ll also keep a keen eyed peeled for any meteors. Don’t miss
this opportunity to enjoy Arizona’s famed night skies!
Full Moon Walk
When a full or near-full Moon blots out the night sky at the ranch, it’s time
for a nocturnal nature walk! Join Naturalist and Astronomer Vincent Pinto
for a short, easy ramble of a mile or less along Sonoita Creek and its near
environs. Along the way Vincent will help you find nocturnal wildlife, such
as Owls, Javelina, Ringtails, Opossums, Deer, bizarre invertebrates, and
more. Learn about the unique and fascinating habits of rarely-glimpsed
species, while marveling at the beauty of a lunar-lit landscape. Additionally,
Vincent will use his laser pointer to interpret any visible celestial objects,
including the Moon itself. The walk is a perfect complement after a
delicious dinner at Circle Z!