Head Chef “Mango”

Our head chef this year has been making a sensational splash with the guests! His entrees and sides are beyond delicious, and he has become an integral part of our team.

Lyndon Pressler’s Culinary career began early on, inspired by his Scottish Grandparents and their love and respect for quality and tradition. After graduating from Johnson and Wales at 21, Pressler sought opportunities to further develop his own creativity.

Pressler’s Culinary presents started to flourish in Massachusetts under Chef George De’ Oliveria at Vineyard Tavern, then at The Wharf as Chef de Partie where he refined his culinary techniques.  Pressler returned home to help take care of his Grandmother who was diagnosed with Dementia. While in Upstate New York, he started working at the Timber as Kitchen Manager and General Manager. Pressler took a scratch kitchen approach to the small town restaurant bring new guests and getting the 25 year old restaurant on the map. After spending 3 years with the Timber, Pressler went on to take the role of Chef de Cuisine at the Maple Steakhouse and Brewery under Chef Richard Burr. At the Steakhouse Brewery, Pressler was exposed to the creative expressions of Chef Burr taking French and progressive American Cooking techniques.  Craving to learn and become a more diverse Chef, Pressler left the Steakhouse and Brewery to work for Chef Christopher Andrus at the Thousand Island Club as Sous Chef. When the Season came to an end at TI Club, Pressler has decided to follow Chef Andrus to Circle Z Ranch and continue his Culinary Education with the Chef.

Chef Lyndon Pressler’s cooking style is rustic and simple, and explores modern trends with his families background in Scottish and Irish Cuisine. He prefers fresh seasonal ingredients, high quality herbs and fresh oils. Pressler has found a passion for baking breads and has spent much of his time studying techniques, exploring new styles of bread and using high quality flours.

Outside of the Kitchen

When Chef Lyndon Pressler is not in the kitchen he’s at home with his son Axton and dog Timber, or back at camp hunting, fishing and trapping. Pressler is a business partner in an apartment developing company and is part of many organizations and clubs. In 2015 his grandmother passed away after a long fight with Dementia, thus changing how he ate and lived life. Pressler started to research and study dietary, allergy and health restrictions that guests may have. In 2016 he and other local Chefs pushed to see healthier food options in our local restaurants, clubs and schools. They focused on educating locals in the community about the health benefits and economical development of buying local from Farmers and Farmers Markets.