Trailer Rides - Circle Z Ranch

Friday’s Trailer Ride to the San Rafael Valley

Our trailer ride is an all-day horseback ride in the San Rafael Valley, a high intermountain grass valley with incredible vistas and a truly wide-open space. Our day starts by loading our horses into trailers at the ranch, then driving 20 minutes to Harshaw Canyon.
Wranglers lead guests up a canyon lush in live oak trees, sycamores, and native cactus. This gradual climb opens into the stunning setting of the San Rafael Valley, where the grass meets the sky. Groups of both walking and loping rides are led through the tall native grasses. The valley is where the movie Oklahoma was filmed, as well as many other movies.

Guests meet back at the horse trailers for a bountiful lunch served by the wranglers. Homemade soup, salads, and sandwich wraps are packed up for the guests by our cooks and kitchen staff. As always, save room for dessert! This day is a continued favorite of guests and has become a regular offering because it is so spectacular and memorable!