Los Corrales - Circle Z Ranch

Where our Guests and Horses

Come To Play


The center of our ranch operations is at Los Corrales, located just a short walk down the hill from our lodging and main ranch facilities. This is where our herd of over 100 horses are kept and guests mount up for their rides.

At Los Corrales, we have a large day pasture for the horses. With covered shade structures and plenty of room for them to move about during the day, many guests enjoy coming down early before the rides to pat the horses over the fence and take photos.

The 1500 acre night pasture for the horses is located just to the West of the Day corral. Each morning around 6:30 the horses are brought into the day pasture after a night of grazing and resting, ready to start their day with a nice feeding of alfalfa. For the horses that are being ridden, an extra feed of grain is given in the back tacking up area. Our wranglers groom and tack the horses that are being used during the day, while the rest are let be in their day pasture.

At the end of the riding day, around 4:30, we open the gates to the day pasture, and the horses race out to their night pasture through the polo field. This is an excellent opportunity for guests to take action photos of their horses in motion. We have a nice bench seat where guests can safely sit and watch the horses just a few feet away!

The large porch of the tack room is where guests await their horses. We have all the necessary items in the tack room, from saddle horn bags to saddle cushions! In the mounting up area we have a nice mounting block for the guests to use for getting on their horse while a wrangler holds their horse for them.

Behind the day pasture and the tack room runs Sonoita Creek. This is a popular area for guests wanting to talk a morning stroll or photograph wildlife. This is also where the Wednesday morning nature walks take place.