Riding Lessons - Circle Z Ranch

Learn To Ride

With our Expert Wranglers

Our new covered arena is an ideal venue for both beginners learning how to ride and more advanced riders looking to improve their horsemanship skills. Each of our wranglers is an expert equestrian and is experienced at providing instruction. On Monday morning, new guests will begin their week with a ride in the arena before heading out on the trail. During this short session we will cover the ranch rules and basic horsemanship skills so you will feel safe on the trail. This is also a good time to get to know your horse!

Three times a week, before the rides leave the corrals, we offer another more in-depth horseback riding lesson. This can cover anything from balance and posture in the saddle to posting a trot. For those wanting more from their horse, we also give loping lessons in the arena where the footing is ideal and riders can feel comfortable in a contained space. We can also provide impromptu lessons on the trail or again in the arena for those wanting to learn more. We have found that our guests’ level of comfort out on the trail is much improved after some time in the arena, making for a more enjoyable overall experience.

These lessons are part of the all-inclusive package, so we encourage our guests to take advantage of this offering while staying on the ranch!