Walking and Loping Rides - Circle Z Ranch

Pick Your Pace

All of our trails have areas that are suited for walking, trotting or loping. Each of our different rides, from the all-day to the cook outs, having the walking or loping options. One of our strengths is that we can cater our riding groups to the needs and skills of our guests. With seven wranglers, our groups of riders are small, and riders are given the attention they need to make for a fun and safe experience.

Once mounted on your horse at the corrals, our corral manager will break the riding groups up according to abilities and desires of those riding. Whether you want a leisurely walking ride or a faster paced loping ride, we guarantee your satisfaction.

If you are new to riding, we will teach you the basics, and if you feel comfortable, we will teach you to trot and lope. For intermediate and advanced riders, we offer rides that have moderate to longer lopes, depending on the terrain. With sandy canyons, open roads, and smooth trails, we have many options for the perfectly paced rides to suit your needs.