Horsemanship Clinic - Circle Z Ranch

 Lee Smith of Harmony Hills Ranch

October 2024, date TBD
Due to unforeseen circumstances
we have postponed this clinic
to October of 2024



Join us at the Historic Circle Z Ranch in Patagonia, Arizona for the The Essential Elements of Horsemanship® with clinician and trainer Lee Smith.

To book contact [email protected] or call 1-520-394-2525

You will learn to:

  • Establish a relationship with your horse.
  • Gain confidence to feel safe with your horse.
  • Gain discipline in horsemanship skills.

This “Ranch Clinic” will take place in our covered arena, out on our trails, and at our Creek Ranch location for a day of cattle work. Lee will also have a colt starting demonstration with one of our ranch youngsters. For your participation, you can bring your own horse or use one of our excellent trail horses. We will offer three pricing options: an all-inclusive stay with the use of our horse; an all-inclusive stay and bringing your own horse; and a daily trailer in and trailer out with lunch provided. We only offer the use of our horses if the participant is staying at the ranch. No auditors at this clinic.

NOTE FROM LEE: If you are performing in Reining, Dressage, Cutting, Jumping, Barrel Racing, Endurance Riding, any Competitive Events, or just heading down the trail? Regardless of your discipline, Lee Smith can help you raise your level of performance and presentation. No matter the setting, the partnership of horse and rider working together in harmony is inspiring to observe and even more exciting to experience. Lee will offer insight, skills and instructions to enjoy the events you like now, while developing your horse and horsemanship in the process through feel, timing, balance, and an understanding of equine psychology.


  • Package 1: All-inclusive with use of ranch horse – $3600.00

Includes 6 nights of lodging and meals, use of facilities, use of a ranch horse and tack, 6 night and the fee for Lee Smith. Check-in Sunday 4-6 pm, Check-out Saturday 9 am

  • Package 2: All-inclusive and bring your own horse – $3350.00

Includes 6 nights of lodging and meals, use of facilities, use of a stall, fee for Lee Smith. Does not include feed for horse. Check-in Sunday 4-6 pm, Check-out Saturday 9 am

  • Package 3: Daily bring your own horse – $2425.00

Lunch, use of facilities for the day, fee for Lee Smith. Does not include feed for horse.


*Sales Tax and Service Charge included in pricing
*25% deposit due upon booking, 90-day cancellation policy



Lee Smith lives on a cattle ranch in Estancia, New Mexico. She and her husband Mark have a cow-calf operation and raise quality Quarter horses at their Harmony Hills Ranch. Lee has conducted hundreds of clinics and demonstrations throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1991 as well as teaching ranch horse classes at the Diamond S. Lee considers herself a student of the horse, and lucky to have shared her experience with thousands of horse people from throughout the world.

Lee is a gifted and eloquent teacher who has extraordinary insight into horses and people. She shares what she sees as if speaking for the horse and thus provides her students with the opportunity to observe the exchange of communication between horse and human. Teaching people to learn from the horse.
Lee leads people on a pathway of discovery to the essential elements of horsemanship. She helps them to unlock their potential to understand the mind, body and spirit of the horse using what naturally happens, and then shows them how to appreciate and build upon the incredible moments of harmony that are possible. Lee believes that through life’s experiences (horse related or not), the answers lie within us.

Clinics around the country are conducted to prepare you and your horse for a greater level of performance. While clinic material may vary, each emphasizes communication with your horse without force or fear to establish a willing partnership rather than resistance. The goal is a horse that is soft, gentle and responsive that moves smoothly and relaxed in every situation. Lee will share her philosophy on building the confidence of the horse and rider through mutual trust and respect.
Whatever your interests, Lee can offer you insight and skills to enjoy the events you like now, while you develop your horse and your horsemanship. Join Lee and learn the essential elements of quality horsemanship.